The Dragon and the wizard.

03rd July 2012

The dragon and the wizard by usuqa, on Flickr

I've always loved dragons since I was a kid and when my step-daughter came in with this I just knew I wanted to shoot it.

This shot was a lot of fun, not only because I set the fire alarm off making the flame lol, but just in general using lights, gels and bounce cards to get the look I had in my head.


Two softbox's and two gridded gelled speed lights.

One softbox at the back right with the diffusers off to give a harder light, and a soft box at the front left at very low power to fill. A small white card was added to the front right for fill too.

The speedlights both had grids on them with one orange and fired at the top of the dragon to emulate the flame and one with a blue gel fired into the crystals and up a bit to add some colour to the bottom of the statue.


The flame was shot later and added in post along with some old cloud shots and a noise texture for the star's.

Here is how it look's with just natural light.