Won my first photography competition.
27th April 2011
I entered and I won.. so happy!
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Kid in a box. BTS
16th April 2011
I recently took a photo of my step daughter with her head inside a box, alot of people were asking how I did this so I decided to make a short video of how to go about it.

You can see the video [here...]
A new year!
11th January 2011
So a new year.. a new system, more photos and a big thank you to everyone that enjoyed my work last year.
O2 ABC PhotoShoot Update. *edit*
31st October 2010
The photo's are now up here.
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O2 ABC Halloween Shoot.
30th October 2010
For the second year running, Im lucky to shoot the O2 ABC Halloween party.
Just sorting a few things... cant wait :)

If your here looking for your photo's, I will have a link up soon so you can download your photo's in full all thanks to the O2 ABC Glasgow.

Alot can happen!
15th September 2010
Since the last update, ive gotten married to my wonderful wife, went to arran (amazing place) and being doing stock photography work for a medical supply company.

Time to add a few more photo's with a few more going up in a few days :)
Some Updates.
09th August 2010
I've been busy but some updates.
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The Dirty Suits @ Maggie Mays.
31st May 2010
The Dirty Suits play again!
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The Dirty Suits.
02nd May 2010
Glasgow indie/rock band and I hit the town.
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