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21st March 2014
Sadly I don't really use this site so often anymore as I have been busy setting up a studio but the good new's it is up and running as well as a new website to support that.

You can find me at or on facebook.

I've recently had one of the weddings I shot a while ago of the noble family published onto No.1 which is fun, it will link back to here.. you can still contact me on here but it would be easier and simpler to use the details on the new site.

I might pick this site up again as more of a personal place and blogging about shots but for the moment I'm a little busy for that.

A big thanks to anyone that had followed me on this site.
The Noble Family.
14th September 2012
The Noble Family Crazy Photo
Family Portrait.
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A zombie and her pet.
26th August 2012
A Zombie and her pet.
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Olympic Small Paul
28th July 2012

The Olympic rings.
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Family Life.
17th July 2012

I though it was time for a family shoot.
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B Ewing Auto Centre
12th July 2012

Shooting my mechanic.
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At the Cam wash again.
05th July 2012

Washing my cam.
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The Dragon and the wizard.
03rd July 2012

Shooting some still life.
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Space Man
26th June 2012

Watch out for the dolly Mixtures.
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Small's Shoe "Nike"
25th June 2012

Shooting something small.
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24th June 2012

An Old MG model.
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24th June 2012

Flowers are fun.
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Lonely Girl
31st May 2012

Some outdoor fun.
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Tea Party
30th May 2012

Crazy Tea Time.
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05th May 2012

Stair Surfing
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The Kid in me.
19th April 2012

I'm a big kid at heart.
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JP and a Trike.
07th April 2012

Something cool about a trike.
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Apple Splash.
27th March 2012

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Its been a while..
18th October 2011
But I have just uploaded a whole bunch of new shots into several gallery's.

I hope you all enjoy.
An old MG.
05th June 2011
A photo of an old MG.
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